The Value of Your Other Half

Showing others in our life that they are valued and appreciated has come to my attention as of late.  I’ve been blessed to know some married couples that absolutely adore one another after being together for many years.  It’s not that they're immune to relationship rough patches; it’s how they treat each other despite them.  I think the reason that they have such adoration for one another is because they reinforce daily that their partner is valued.   These are the relationships that everyone wants.  I’ve been studying this for some time and, a couple of weeks ago, God brought into my life a young man who views his wife as a blessing.  He said, “Every day I want her to know that she’s loved and appreciated.”  The conversations I’ve had with this young man, and my recent visit with a couple whose marriage relationship I had admired since I was a child, became validation for me to write.  A third validation nudge for me to write this came the day after I had begun this blog and had set it aside.  The morning radio show on K-Love chose to discuss the things we should say every day to our husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend.   So, this is what I’ve observed and what I’ve learned on the subject.

Don’t assume that your partner knows that you value them simply because they know you.  You must tell them and show them in the ways that they understand, not the way you assume they should understand.  There should never be a  grey area with this.  If you value them, they should know it.  Give the person you love daily confirmation of what they already know in their hearts to be the way you feel about them.

Rubbing your partner’s feet with lotion when your own are in serious need of moisture is an example of the selflessness of the appreciative heart.  Jumping in, without invitation, to do a task that your partner would normally do, demonstrates that you care enough to observe the little things they do to make daily life pleasant, and that the drudgery chores do not go unappreciated.  As the Nike Company has eloquently stated, “Just do it!”

Verbal expressions, texts, or calls to let your partner know that they’re thought of, may very well arrive at a moment of exasperation during their day, causing them to crack a smile.  Who doesn’t like for someone they love to have their spirits lifted?

Life can be routine and mundane.  No one can argue that.  From what I’ve seen, the strongest relationships are when the ordinary things we do to exist together are shown to be valued.  If you consider that person to be your “other half,” showing appreciation for them is certainly a major “warm fuzzy,” and that warmth can’t help but emanate from them with adoration for you.  Because of that, you have someone who returns such acts of love, and the cycle continues for a lifetime.  It is with this healthy balance of both parties actively participating, from both the giving and the receiving sides of this cycle, that the “half” becomes a “whole.”

If you web search this topic, you will find tons of websites offering what we should say daily to the most valued person in our lives.  Below is a compiled list and links to four of these websites:

  1. I love you.
  2. I like you.
  3. How was your day?
  4. I respect you.
  5. You make me happy.
  6. You're the best.
  7. You're gorgeous.
  8. You get my motor going.
  9. I'm sorry.
  10. I was thinking about you.
  11. I support you.
  12. Please and thank you
  13. I missed you.
  14. Good morning and good night
  15. I’m proud of you.
  16. What do you think?
  17. I love your mind.
  18. We should go…
  19. I love you the way you are.
  20. What are we doing tonight?


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