Works In Progress


(Feature Film Script)


On a long solo road trip in 2014, God delivered to me the story, start-to-finish, for the novel InSight. It took three years for me to write the book because I halted that commission to study screenplay writing and to write my first script. In 2017, InSight was completed and has received high compliments from its readers.

When the story first came to me, I thought that it would make a great series. Because I enjoy script writing so much, I opted to write the first four chapters as a TV pilot episode, rather than a series of books. In the last few months, I’ve considered writing the full story as a film. After reading the novel, one gentleman’s comment was, “It reads like watching a movie. I can see it all.”

On September 12, 2020, during a quiet time of solitude, God reminded me of the story; the characters and who they are. I began to tear as I visually saw in my mind’s eye the characters of this book. My spirit heard, “With what is going on in this country, what better time than this to show others the story I revealed to you so long ago?” The diversity of ethnicities in this story stands out and is a testimony that God loves and cares for ALL of us.

I’m now in the process of writing InSight as a feature length film. It will take fearless followers of God to produce, direct, and act in this film at a time when so much of our country is in turmoil. Why? Because the story’s main character, Bryan Taylor, is a bi-racial State Trooper. He’s a self-admitted flawed follower of Christ. Bryan’s best friend is a white Police Sergeant, Calvin Rodrick, who lost his only son to Leukemia. These are not simply law enforcement officers, they’re real people with real lives and loved ones.

Bryan puts God and others first. Because he has a servant’s heart (as many in law enforcement do), he steps out of his personal comfort zone to help a hurting soul.

Without revealing the story, I can tell you some of the folks God uses Trooper Bryan Taylor to assist: (1) A white lady, from his church, whose husband is deteriorating with undiagnosed Alzheimer’s. (2) A young black boy who’s fading away following the death of his father. (3) An Italian deli owner to realize his dream. (4) An Hispanic immigrant couple to fit into their new surroundings. (5) A suicidal man to choose life. (6) A battered wife to begin anew. (7) A heartbroken woman whose husband was cheating to discover that God has more for her. (8) A hardworking store manager and a teenage employee to find financial relief.

Through helping these people, Bryan and others are blessed. My tears flowed when I saw these people clearly in my mind. I know that I’m to write this. God will place the completed script into the hands of the brave souls who are to produce, direct, and perform it. May we ALL gain insight because of it.


Enjoy this song, "Revolutionary" by Josh Wilson, as you ponder my words and pray for the success of this film.

Blood Moon: Days of Noah

(Feature Film Script)


One of my projects is the screenplay Blood Moon: Days of Noah, based on the novel and squeal to Run written by Dr. Chance McLin. This continuation is action packed as a “new breed” of C-1 become creative in thwarting the plans of the Antichrist. McLin’s brilliant mind, and mastery of end-time prophecy, is cleverly exhibited within the weaving of this tale. The story brings attention to CERN, Transhumanism, the hidden secrets of the Vatican, and much more. This big screen version of the novel will be available for production negotiation.




The Ronnie Hurst Story

(Authorized Biography)


When you write, people approach and request that you help them tell their life story. We all have stories to tell. Because of that, and the many who have approached me, I knew that I could never write all of those as individual books. I began to consider writing a compilation book of inspirational life testimonies. As that crossed my mind, Ronnie Hurst crossed my path. I asked him to email me a brief summary of his life. Wow!

Ronnie Hurst was born a triple amputee and has met those challenges and beyond. He has trained others to be successful singers and performers in the entertainment industry. He was instrumental in the design of handicap accessible public areas for the state of Texas by offering input to his friend, then governor, George W. Bush.

Ronnie’s dream is to operate a non-profit school for the performing arts for those, who are considered to have, disabilities. I say, “considered to have,” because these people are anything but. Ronnie’s story is one to enlighten, inspire, and encourage.

Ronnie's life will make a wonderful film. However, in film, much has to be eliminated because of the time restrictions; reducing an entire lifetime into two hours. In order to tell the full story of Ronnie Hurst, he and I have decided to begin with writing his biography.

I'm honored to be the vessel utilized for the purpose of inspiring others through the life of Ronnie Hurst.