Welcome to Usable Vessel

I have often said that God had to crumble me into dust in order to remold me into a usable vessel.  I got to thinking one day.  What type of vessel best describes me?  Am I a water pitcher?  No, although I can hold water.  Am I a flower vase?  No, although I can display flowers.  Am I a soup bowl?  No, although I can house nourishment.  What kind of vessel is Judi?

I came to the conclusion that I am a candy dish.  I am short in stature and not very large.  You can be guaranteed that something sweet is sure to be found in me, but don’t underestimate my abilities or versatility.  A candy dish can hold water, display beautiful flowers, or be utilized for eating a meal.  I’m not thinking soup.  If my dish was used for a meal it would more likely hold some sort of granola cereal with nuts...lots of nuts.

Yes, I am indeed God’s usable vessel; designed for the purpose He sees fit.